Best Quality


The concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) is built into our organizational structure and operations.

We have adequate inspection & chemical testing procedures strating from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing of finished product. We have a well equpped laboratory and prfessional manpower to assure the quality of our products.

We have Online eddy current testing on all the Tube Mills, as well as off line Eddy Current with dual frequency with auto sorting mechanism. Hydro Pressure Testing is also available as per customer requirement.

The mettallography is done with microscope, specially designed software with digital camera and image processing to find out grain structure, size and purity of particles etc. Spectrometer for chemical analysis and all other mechnical properties are thoroughly inspected with fully computerized control universal testing machine, hardness tester, magnaflux etc.

Apart from work inspection, the finished products are examined as per various National & International quality standards. Company also offers third party inspection by renowned agencies like Llyods, DNV, BVQI, SGS, TUV etc.

Our complete focus is towards consistent quality, adhere to delivery schedule, customized product mix, competitiveness and immediate compliance of complaints, a policy which has become a habit now.


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